Back to the Future Part II

Apple recently hosted its #WWDC event and it was not the same event of years past.  I think, partly, because they now save the hardware updates for the back to school and holiday shopping seasons.

Anyway, I am not going to spend time addressing all of the items from the event.  You can find a summary here.  But, what I was fascinated by is that Apple is launching two new items Healthkit and Homekit.  I think both of these initiatives could be huge and I am fascinated by the Health and Wellness and Consumer Product sectors.

Consumers are demanding more information on their wellness and it is always nice to have all of your home devices connected to a single remote.  I feel like I am about to enter Marty McFly’s house in Back to the Future II!

Kudos to Apple.  I can’t wait to see what Google has in store at their I/O event in a few weeks.  These are exciting times.