Brasil 2014

I love sports.   And I particularly love watching athletes compete amongst the very best in their sport.  Every couple of years, I am absolutely glued to my couch, either watching the Olympics or the World Cup.  These events are truly global competitions and I always root for the USA and then the underdog from a small nation.  It’s so exciting!

However, I am always frustrated when some sports wish to remain traditionalists and not embrace technology.  For example, how come every sport does not use instant replay for major calls (i.e. penalties in soccer).

I understand the point of trying not to slow down the game.  My point is simply there is too much riding on this event for a team to get screwed by a ref giving the benefit of the doubt to the country with a better reputation.

Take it from me, I spent most of my career getting screwed by refs, because there was no instant replay in fencing.  Once, instant replay was adopted at the 2008 Olympics, the USA Fencing team finishes second in the medal count.  Coincidence?  I think not!

Anyway, I have seen way too many Oscar winning performances by these favored nations and then the smaller country / opponent gets screwed.

My proposal for FIFA is to have a video referee(s) quickly review any foul, goal or penalty, while the athlete is lying on the pitch pantomiming some random injury.  The review must not take longer than 10-20 seconds, so it does not disrupt the flow of the game.  Once the review is complete, the head referee should be signaled if they missed the call.  I think this would bring an element of fairness to the game of soccer and hopefully end some of the inherent biases an official might have.