I am back…

The last time I wrote a blog post was 5.5 years ago and I was in China.  Sadly, I was given a gag order by my sports federation and told to shut it down after day 1.  Oh well…

Since that time, a lot has changed with me and the world.

A few fun things to note, in no particular order:

  • Won an Olympic Medal
  • Barack Obama won two Presidential elections
  • NYC developed a booming startup community
  • Became a father to a beautiful little girl
  • America and Korea became top fencing countries
  • Graduated from Columbia Business School
  • Steve Jobs and Nelson Mandela passed away
  • iPads, 3D Printers, Uber, AirBnB & Instagram
  • Tech IPOs – Groupon, Facebook , Twitter & Zynga
  • 10,000 baby boomers started to turn 65 every day in America

I am excited to be back blogging and documenting my thoughts.

Finally, here is my previous blog post from 2008.

Keeth_Queens Courier_2