I am passionate about growing as a person.  I love to set big goals and hold myself accountable at the end of each year.

I love my family and friends.  I have many interests including fencing, financial literacy, fitness, history, photography, startups, and technology.  I am passionate about giving back and want to help close the achievement gap.

I also am a husband and a father to a beautiful little girl.  I was born and raised in Brooklyn.  I still live in Brooklyn and love it.

I love the schools that I went to (Brooklyn Tech, St. John’s and Columbia Business School) and am extremely blessed to have fenced in three Olympic Games (Sydney, Athens and Beijing).  It has been a great ride.

I love to stay busy and to have one on one conversations to really learn more about a person.  Also, I love to read magazines, biographies and motivational books.


family, music, photography, fencing, history, basketball, startups, technology, and the Olympics